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Antike und Spätantike

Coins, Glass, Inscriptions, Pipes, Pottery, Reliefs. Settlement History of Iraqi Kurdistan (11,3). Kolinska, Xenia; Kolinski, Rafal. Material Studies. Hellenistic - Islamic. Englisch. 2024. 365. S. 29,7 x 21 cm. EUR 128,00. ISBN: 978-3-447-11992-4 Harrassowitz Verlag
The series Settlement History of Iraqi Kurdistan (SHIK) presents the results of research carried out in the Iraqi Kurdistan from 2012 through 2017. During this time, an extremely rich group of heritage monuments was registered on an area of 3058 km2 located on both banks of the Greater Zab, at the foot of the Kurdistan mountains. More than 300 archaeological sites, 4 rock reliefs, nearly 80 cultural heritage monuments (cemeteries, Christian, Muslim and Jewish architecture, industrial installations) and over 100 caves illustrate nearly 10,000 years of the region’s history, from the Neolithic period to the mid-20th century AD. The SHIK series will consist of two introductory volumes (an atlas and a volume on the project’s methodology), eight volumes presenting the dataset for settlement sites (six volumes), caves and heritage monuments (one volume each), and a volume analyzing the development of the settlement during particular periods.
Drawings by Ahmed Halim and Daniela Mendel. Photographs by Ayman Damarany and Ahmed Amin. Athribis-Studien I. Studien zur spätägyptischen Religion (40). Abuel-Yazid, Mohamed. The Tomb of the Mayor of Athribis. Englisch. 2024. 404. S. 91 ill., 2 tables, 81 plates. 29,7 x 21 cm. EUR 128,00. ISBN: 978-3-447-12071-5 Harrassowitz Verlag
The shaft tomb of Psenosiris, mayor of Athribis west of modern Sohag, is located in the mountain west of the temple of Repit near the modern village Sheik Hamed. It is one of several tombs of the necropolis, probably the most important one. Firstly mentioned more than 110 years ago by the British egyptologist Flinders Petrie, it has remained unpublished with the exception of it’s two astronomical ceilings.
For the first time Mohamed Abuel Yazid offers a comprehensive publication of the whole tomb including its colourful ceilings and all its long texts which make this tomb in Athribis to one of the most important ones of the early Roman period in all of Egypt. The complete decoration of the tomb is presented in facsimile drawings as well as in detailed photos. All texts are presented in hieroglyphs, transliterations and translations. Wall plans are indicating their exact positions in the tomb. The author offers also a complete glossary of the texts as well as a conclusion about dating the tomb (there are no cartouches in this monument) and its relationship with the great temple of the site.
Die Trajanssäule. Symbolik und Mysterienkult in der römischen Kaiserzeit. Diana, Bugajewski. 2024. 210. S. 27,6 x 19,5 cm. HC . EUR 29,99. CHF 40,90 ISBN: 978-3-7583-1617-3
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